The Analog Studio

I've learned a few things in 2020. Possibly the most important lesson being we are all human - amazing creatures here for only a moment. And in that moment we need each other. The most crucial part of being a human is our humanity.

So here, for now, I'm doing free portraits. In time I'll charge a sitting fee, as I don't want to undercut photographers. But this project is for me. I want to see you, need to hear you, and have the chance to record you on film as a reminder to myself, and maybe you, that we are all in this together.

I'll do 100 free portrait sessions then see how things are working. You can see the galleries at the top under client viewing and order prints whenever you like. Prints, or owning the digital files, are reasonable and photos will be archived. No hurry, no pressure. Just sit for me.

Mostly we will shoot on film. We won't make wild edits. No photoshopping your bits and pieces. I want you to be YOU and all that comes with that.

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98 spots left